Networking Services

IT infrastructures are growing drastically and it is the key success of every business services. These infrastructures are depends on Mission Critical Applications, Networking equipments. IT infrastructures facilitate the distribution and storage of Critical Data/Information throughout the Enterprises.

When problem occurs in IT Infrastructure, nothing is more frustrating than having to deal with someone who doesn't understand your problem or who doesn't have enough information ready to resolve the issue – specifically in emergency situation.

Networking Security Service Providers

Today’s Challenge

  • Proper Solution is not recommended to end customer
  • Customer dependency on Partner
  • Lack of Product Knowledge
  • Lack of Technology awareness
  • Product Maintenance is not done on regular basis
  • Customer is not able to utilize complete features of product
  • Lack of Technical Support from Partners
  • Customer is not getting ROI of his investment


MSPL (Magic Systems Private Limited) is started with concept of Total Service Organization where customer can get good product, technical expertise, technological update, One-Stop Solution House. We act as Consultant, advising and supporting customers for any kind of requirement through Solution Designing, Product Implementation, Technical Training, Product Maintenance and Total Ownership. The strategy of Company is to develop Long Term Business Relationship with End Customer. Combination of our Expertise and Customer Trust results rapid Success & Growth of Organization.

Various Services offered by MSPL is mentioned as below:

Technology Integration Service

MSPL Team co-ordinates with IT Team of End Customers for integration of various Network Security products. MSPL Team has qualified and hands-on experienced Technical Team who helps end customer to deploy solutions in less time and helps them to use maximum features of products.

MSPL Teams are experts and hands-on experience in below-mentioned Solutions

  • Anti-Virus Solution
  • UTM Firewall & IPS Solution
  • Data Leak Proof
  • Encryption
  • Web Content Filtering
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • WAN Acceleration
  • Load Balancing
  • Proxy/Caching
  • Network Access Control
  • Network Monitoring
  • Wireless Access Point

Remote/On-Site Deployment Services

MSPL has in-house well equipped setup infrastructure for delivering Remote assistance in terms of deployment, troubleshooting, maintaining Network Security Products

Remote or On-Site we have pre-defined Scope of Work that MSPL used to follow for all the technological product at all the customer end. Major Scope of Works that we carry out after selling the products are mentioned below

  • Installation of Technological product
  • Configuration of product as per setup and requirement of end customer
  • Testing each features that customer has procured
  • Technical Over-view training to end customer which covers details of product architecture, features and trouble shooting
  • Schedule visit at customer end for product maintenance
  • Backup of logs and reports of certain Network Security components which are used for Auditing purpose
  • Re-defining policies if required based on product log or if any Threat level is increased
  • Installation of Hot-fixes, Service Pack and new version on regular basis to patch product bugs

Submission of Installation Report to end customer which covers detailed Network Diagram, Product Configuration snapshots and other relevant details

Technology Training Services

Currently challenge in market is Customer is fully dependent on vendor for solution due to lack of knowledge. For each and every change in product, customer has to call vendor for assistance which is fair.

MSPL is proudly Gujarat based Vendor started Organization with the concept of delivering good Technical Support and to make customer independent. Before starting activity, MSPL has invested heavily on getting technical trainings from experts of OEM which results us one of the best Technical Team available in our region

We had worked on all the technology brands and capable to install, configure and maintain those brands. The basic idea of giving Technology training to End Customer so that customer can utilize the product as per his requirement, convenience and there are some security solution where privacy is required about product configuration

  • Information about technology and products that are available in the market
  • Information about product that can be best use in the Organization
  • Information of Network topology and how those product can be connected in existing network topology
  • Procedure for best practice of installing the product
  • Explanation about each and every features that are available in product and how it can be use and configure
  • Testing phase of each and every features
  • Details about trouble-shooting of product
  • Steps to maintain the product on regular basis
  • Certain tips to monitor the product logs, report and performance