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Today, the most challenging part is not good product but to get good Partner who can give good technical support, design good solution can help to develop total IT Solution. Most of the customers are dependent on Vendor, getting good product but are not able to utilize the investment, not getting technological updates on regular basis. When a problem with IT infrastructure occurs, nothing is more frustrating than having to deal with someone who does not understand your problem, or who does not have the relevant information to hand to resolve the issue – especially in an emergency situation

Aruba - Wireless & Access Point Solution

Aruba’s MOVE architecture provides context-aware networking for the post-PC era. Mobility network services are delivered centrally from the data center across thin access networking devices or “on-ramps.”

At the heart of Aruba MOVE, Mobility Controllers deliver a single set of network services to manage security, policy and network performance for every user and device on the network, regardless of access type. This mobility- and user-centric approach makes it possible to re-architect the access network to simultaneously provide workforce mobility and reduce costs.

To connect users into the network, whether at work, home, or on the road, Aruba access on-ramps include wireless, wired, and VPN products. Device configuration, security policies, and reporting are all done centrally in the data center effectively making installation a zero-touch experience.

Aruba Platform Integration

  1. Bandwidth Management
  2. Centralized Authentication
  3. RF Live
  4. Air Monitors
  5. WiFi Intrusion Detection Prevention
  6. Policy Enforcement Firewall (NAC)
  7. Captive Portal/Guest Access
  8. VPN Concentrator/Remote AP
  9. POE Switches
  10. QoS Devices
  11. Location Tracking Appliance
  12. Site Survey