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Aruba - Wireless & Access Point Solution

Aruba’s MOVE architecture provides context-aware networking for the post-PC era. Mobility network services are delivered centrally from the data center across thin access networking devices or “on-ramps.”

Aruba Software

ArubaOS® is the operating system and application engine for all Aruba Mobility Controllers and wireless LAN (WLAN) access devices. The software architecture of ArubaOS is designed for scalable performance, and is built using three core components. First, a hardened, multicore, multithreaded supervisory kernel manages administration, authentication, logging and other system operation functions. Second, an embedded real-time operating system powers dedicated packet processing hardware, implementing all routing, switching and firewall functions. Third, a programmable encryption/decryption engine built on dedicated hardware delivers client-to-core encryption for wireless user data traffic and software VPN clients.

ArubaOS comes with an extensive set of capabilities. Aruba’s Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) technology employs infrastructure-based controls to optimize Wi-Fi client behavior and automatically ensures that Aruba access points (APs) stay clear of interference, resulting in a more reliable, higher performance WLAN infrastructure. In addition to ARM, Aruba’s Virtual Intranet Access (VIA) agent enables secure IPSec VPN connectivity back to corporate resources for road-warriors when they are away from the office. Industry’s most effective rogue AP classification and containment integrated within ArubaOS enables IT administrators to protect their wired network resources from wireless threats. An additional series of optional software modules is enabled through license keys. Optional modules include the Aruba Policy Enforcement Firewall, RFProtect™ wireless security and spectrum analysis capabilities, and xSec advanced Layer 2 encryption

ArubaOS Features

FlexForward™ Traffic Forwarding

Wi-Fi Encryption

Integration with existing networks

User Connectivity Method (Secure WiFi, Wired Ethernet, VPN Remote Access)

Access Point Connection Method (Private/Public IP Cloud, Wireless WAN, WiFi Mesh)

Integration with Existing Network (L2, L3, OSPF)

Authentication Methods (MAC, Web Based Captive Portal, RFC Standards)

Authentication Servers (LDAP, SSL LDAP, Radius, TACACS+ and Standard Authentication Servers

Encryption Protocols (PPTP, XAUTHO, SSL, TLS, CCMP/AES)

Programmable Encryption Engine

Web Based Captive Portal (SSL)

Integrated Guest Access Management

Site to Site VPN

Fast Roaming

Roaming across Subnets and VLANs

Proxy Mobile IP

Proxy DHCP

VLAN Pooling

Adaptive Radio Management (ARM)

802.11n HT20 and HT40 support

Client Band Steering

Self-healing around failed APs

Airtime Fairness

RF-Spectrum Load balancing

Airtime Performance Protection

Single-Channel Coordinated Access

RF Plans

Timer-based AP access control

Coverage hole and interference detection

Remote wireless packet capture

Zero-touch provisioning

Wired and Wireless

Flexible Authentication

Centralized Management


Enterprise-Grade Security

Uplink Bandwidth Reservation

Remote Mesh Portal

Encryption Protocol (RAP to Mobility Controller)

Local Diagnostics

Broad Application Support

Unified Access Architecture

Cooperative Control

Self Healing

Mesh Clustering

Centralized Encryption

Extensive graphical support tools


Redundant datacenter support


Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol