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Today, the most challenging part is not good product but to get good Partner who can give good technical support, design good solution can help to develop total IT Solution. Most of the customers are dependent on Vendor, getting good product but are not able to utilize the investment, not getting technological updates on regular basis. When a problem with IT infrastructure occurs, nothing is more frustrating than having to deal with someone who does not understand your problem, or who does not have the relevant information to hand to resolve the issue – especially in an emergency situation

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Trend Micro - Patch Managment Solution

Trend Micro Simplifies Patch Management

Trend Micro Patch Management Module for Endpoint Security Platform centralizes control and processes. Six key patch management steps are automated using a highly flexible approach, considerably reducing staffing and time requirements.

  1. Research. The Patch Management Module frees customers from having to research new patches by publishing information from software vendors’ patch bulletins and providing it in a policy content stream.
  2. Assess. When new patch information is available, each Endpoint Security Platform Agent automatically assesses each endpoint against the patch policy definition to determine if installation is necessary. The Agents then notify the Endpoint Security Platform Server if the patch is needed.
  3. Remediate. Endpoint Security Platform management console enables system administrators to instantly review, prioritize, and deploy patches whenever needed.
  4. Confirm. The Endpoint Security Platform Agent verifies that the patch has been successfully applied and reports status back to the management console.
  5. Monitor. The Endpoint Security Platform Agent continually monitors endpoints to ensure that they remain updated; reapplying the required patch should any endpoint fall out of compliance.
  6. Report. The Endpoint Security Platform’s integrated web reporting capability allows end users, executives, management, and others to get updated reports in real time.
  • Enables centralized delivery of software patch management and security updates for major operating systems and common commercially-available applications
  • Allows the deployment of custom patches
  • Enables groups of patches to be deployed as a single entity based on criteria set by the administrator
  • Detects and remediates corrupt patches
  • Covers fixed and mobile computers, both within and outside of enterprise firewalls
  • Ensures no loss of functionality over low-bandwidth or globally-distributed networks, increasing first-pass patch installation success rates from 60-75% to 95-99%
  • Automates self-assessment analysis conducted on endpoints—no centralized or remote scanning server required
  • Uses a lightweight agent to continually monitor the status of updated machines
  • Offers real-time visibility to ensure up-to-date protection with detailed patch deployment and installation reports
  • Requires minimal hardware and license requirements, generally just a single server
  • Scales to support 250,000 endpoints from a single management server
  • Reduces patch and update times from weeks and days to just hours and minutes, using intelligent relays that provide targeted patch installation only where needed