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Today, the most challenging part is not good product but to get good Partner who can give good technical support, design good solution can help to develop total IT Solution. Most of the customers are dependent on Vendor, getting good product but are not able to utilize the investment, not getting technological updates on regular basis. When a problem with IT infrastructure occurs, nothing is more frustrating than having to deal with someone who does not understand your problem, or who does not have the relevant information to hand to resolve the issue – especially in an emergency situation

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The Riverbed Technology WAN optimization solution accelerates data and applications across your entire network — at the data center, in the cloud, at branch offices, and even for mobile workers. It also enhances visibility into applications over the WAN. Your business runs faster and more efficiently, saving time and cutting the cost of IT infrastructure. In fact, customers see payback in about six months, on average.

Riverbed Steelhead Mobile

With Steelhead® Mobile client software, companies of any size can give mobile workers LAN-like access to corporate files and applications no matter where they are in the world. Steelhead Mobile overcomes the challenges that plague mobile workers, including variable locations, inconsistent links, and high-latency environments, and it does so seamlessly and transparently. The result? Higher productivity and more efficient operations, access, and performance anywhere

  • Improves performance without burdening users
  • Speeds web-based applications by 20-60
  • Accelerates Windows 7 and 64-bit systems
  • Delivers “warm” performance regardless of location
  • Provides custom configuration capabilities
  • VPN Compatibility
  • Wireless PC Card Compatibility
  • SSL/HTTPS Compatibility
  • MSI Package Builder
  • Steelhead device auto detection

Steelhead Mobile Controller – Specification

Steelhead Model






Upgradeable To

Optimized WAN Capacity


Optimized TCP Connections

Raw Capacity


Data Store Capacity


RSP Partition

RSP 64 Bit Packages

Storage Fault Tolerance

Front Swappable Disks




Configurable Slots (PCI-e)

Onboard Bypass Ports (Copper)

Max. # of Bypass Ports