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Today, the most challenging part is not good product but to get good Partner who can give good technical support, design good solution can help to develop total IT Solution. Most of the customers are dependent on Vendor, getting good product but are not able to utilize the investment, not getting technological updates on regular basis. When a problem with IT infrastructure occurs, nothing is more frustrating than having to deal with someone who does not understand your problem, or who does not have the relevant information to hand to resolve the issue – especially in an emergency situation

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Symantec NetBackup Solution

Symantec NetBackup Solution

The Symantec NetBackup™ Platform simplifies the protection of your information-driven enterprise by automating advanced technologies and standardizing operations across applications, platforms, and virtual environments. That means being able to protect completely, store efficiently, recover anywhere, and manage centrally across heterogeneous operating systems and storage hardware including tape and disk. Integrated deduplication, replication, and patent-pending virtual machine protection helps customers improve storage efficiency, infrastructure use, and recovery times. A single console offers multi-site monitoring, analytics, and reporting, which allows customers to standardize operations and risk management. Used by companies around the world, Symantec NetBackup easily scales to protect the largest UNIX, Windows®, and Linux® environments.

The NetBackup Platform consists of the following Symantec products: NetBackup, NetBackup Appliances, NetBackup RealTime™, OpsCenter Analytics, and Enterprise Vault™.

Symantec NetBackup - Features & Highlight

  • Heterogeneous data protection
  • Source and target data deduplication
  • Deep integration with storage appliances
  • Effective disaster recovery
  • Fast, granular recovery of data from applications and hypervisors
  • Complete and simple virtual machine protection
  • Comprehensive data security
  • Application and database agents
  • Snapshot integration
  • Source/Client encryption for the highest security as data is protected while in transit and in media.
  • Media Server Encryption Option provides more flexibility for backup to tape & leverages NetBackup media server, thereby avoiding client performance impact.
  • Centralized and integrated key management service for encrypted tape drives.
  • Native deduplication embedded in NetBackup
  • Reduce storage consumption
  • Offsite tape media management
  • Replication of deduplicated data
  • Live block-level replication
  • Customized alerting and real-time monitoring
  • Cross domain monitoring and management
  • Reporting across third-party applications
  • Long-term data retention for trending and analysis
  • Synthetic backups
  • Advanced disk staging
  • Checkpoint/Restart
  • Multiplexed backup
  • Inline copy
  • Automatic robotic/tape drive configuration
  • Media sharing
  • Broad tape device


  • NetBackup agents optimize the performance of critical databases and applications, including IBM DB2, Informix, Lotus® Notes and Lotus Domino® Server, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint® Portal Server and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, SAP, Sybase, and Symantec Enterprise Vault.9