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EMC Data De-duplication

EMC Data De-duplication

EMC Data Domain is a family of storage system appliances for backup and archive that supports advanced deduplication architecture for high speed & resilience.   The architecture is highly Scalable for Data Center and Distributed Recovery.

The systems are used for a variety of applications such as Tape minimization, Distributed enterprise backup consolidation, Cost-effective, long-term onsite retention and Network-efficient replication for disaster recovery.

EMC Data Domain is designed for Deployment Flexibility and Seamless Integration. It is integrated with leading backup and archive applications and has broad support for all data types and connectivity options.

  • Leverages existing Backup Software such as Networker, Symantec, Commvault and more
  • EMC Data Domain reduces the size of backups over time up to 30x.
  • It is also highly optimized and can be accessed via Ethernet or Fibre channel.
  • EMC Data Domain supports CIFS (Microsoft Windows) and NSF (UNIX) protocols.
  • It also supports additional optimized protocols for ease of integration. 
  • Data Domain can replicate compressed de-duplicated data to remote target for DR.

EMC Data Domain - Software Options



Replicator Software

Network-efficient, automated, ultra-safe replication software solution for DR, remote office data protection and multi-site tape consolidation.

OpenStorage (OST) Software

Data Domain OpenStorage software provides seamless integration between Data Domain deduplication storage systems and Symantec Veritas NetBackup.

Virtual Tape Library Software

By emulating multiple tape libraries over a Fibre Channel interface, this option provides deduplication storage for SAN environments.

Retention Lock Software

Retention Lock software enables users to easily implement deduplication with file locking to satisfy IT governance and compliance policies. IT administrators are given the operational flexibility required to efficiently run the enterprise on a day-to-day basis, all at the right cost.

Data Domain Operating System

The Data Domain operating system has revolutionized nearline storage workloads-including disk backup, data archiving, networked DR and remote office data protection-with high-speed, inline deduplication and easy-to-use, integrated system management tools.

Data Domain Enterprise Manager

Data Domain Enterprise Manager provides a simple web-based rich internet application for managing Data Domain systems. Users can monitor multiple systems from a central work station and manage all critical aspects of Data Domain systems, such as the file system, replication, and virtual tape libraries (VTL), in a simple manner using the web-based graphic user interface (GUI).

EMC Data Domain - Performance

Maximum Throughput (Others)

Maximum Throughput (Data Domain Boost)6

Logical Capacity1,2

Raw Capacity2

EMC Data Domain DD140





EMC Data Domain DD610




Up to 6TB

EMC Data Domain DD630




Up to 12TB

EMC Data Domain DD6703



0.6PB - 2.7PB

Up to 76TB

EMC Data Domain DD860



1.4 - 7.1PB

Up to 192TB

EMC Data Domain DD890



2.9 - 14.2PB

Up to 384TB

EMC Data Domain Global Deduplication Array 3



5.7 - 28.5PB

Up to 768TB

EMC Data Domain Archiver



5.7 - 28.5PB

Up to 768TB

  1. Mix of typical enterprise backup data (file systems, databases, email, developer files. The low end of capacity range represents a full backup weekly or monthly, incremental backup daily or weekly, to system capacity. The top end of the range represents full backup daily, to system capacity.
  2. All capacity values are calculated using Base10 (i.e., 1TB = 1,000,000,000,000 bytes) and the maximum raw capacity configuration.
  3. Includes support for add-on shelves, available separately.
  4. Maximum throughput achieved using VTL interface and 4 Gbps Fibre Channel.
  5. Maximum throughput achieved using Symantec Open Storage and 10GB Ethernet.
  6. Maximum throughput achieved using Data Domain Boost and 10GB Ethernet
  7. Maximum throughput achieved using VTL interface and 8Gbps Fibre Channel.
  8. Maximum throughput achieved using CIFS and 10GB Ethernet